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Advancing Automation With the S-LAB Plate Handler

Advancing Automation With the S-LAB Plate Handler content piece image
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Peak Analysis & Automation (PAA) has released a series of new application notes demonstrating the versatility and flexibility of its benchtop S-LAB™ automated plate handler. The S-LAB is PAA’s entry-level automation solution, designed to easily enable multiple applications for faster scientific breakthroughs. Compatible with hundreds of laboratory instruments, the latest application notes highlight specific instrument pairings for walk-away automation of flow cytometry, high-throughput flow cytometry, cell imaging/counting and qPCR.

The new series of app notes describe how the S-LAB automated plate handler integrates with many laboratory instruments, allowing scientists to carry out a wider range of sample analyses unattended and fully automated, reducing bottlenecks and increasing throughput.

PAA’s S-LAB automated plate handler features super-easy usability and a highly affordable price-point, redefining automation by providing the same reliability as an expensive robotic arm. Small enough to fit most lab benches and safety cabinets, this innovative system effectively handles lidded plates with barcode reading and optical plate sensing delivering reliable walk-away operation. Harmony Batch Manager™ and Overlord™ software provide more consistent control over processes, higher reliability and greater data connectivity.