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Argenta Combines Legacy Brands To Further Advance Animal Health

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Following several acquisitions, including Klifovet, Pen & Tec Consulting, and Ondax Scientific, Argenta rings in the new year by bringing its businesses together under one, energised brand. The combined identity reflects the company’s enhanced offering to customers, providing them with unparalleled, comprehensive support right across the animal health product development cycle from ‘molecule to market.’

Argenta already held a unique position as the world’s only combined CRO and CDMO dedicated to animal health, partnering with clients big and small for more than 17 years on the pathway from concept to market. The acquisition of Klifovet, Pen & Tec Consulting, and Ondax Scientific has strengthened this offering, and joining together under one brand reflects a determination to maximise the group’s collective capabilities and global footprint to help more clients improve the health of pets and livestock, and achieve their commercial goals.

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The good news for customers is that there will be no changes to legal entities and who they do business with; they’ll continue to work with the same experienced contacts at Argenta but will now have easier access to a greater range of expertise and capabilities as their requirements evolve.

Will Downie, CEO, Argenta, said: “As we’ve grown in recent years, we’ve brought some great companies into the group, expanding our offering to customers and strengthening Argenta’s position as the world’s only combined CRO and CDMO dedicated to animal health. Now, bringing our businesses together under the Argenta brand reflects our collective expertise and truly specialised role as a leading global partner in our industry, supporting clients right across the product development cycle, from molecule to market.”

In celebration of its growth and evolution, Argenta is delighted to introduce its renewed branding and ‘One Brand, One Vision’ campaign. This energised identity reflects the modern, strengthened company and enlarged expert team, who are continuing to focus on innovation, best-in-class solutions, and a steadfast focus on customer service. Argenta’s purpose remains consistent and true – ‘Healthy Animals. Let’s Make It Happen, Together.’