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Arima Genomics Announces New Partnership With Basepair To Accelerate Bioinformatics Analysis of 3D Genomics Data

Three DNA helices.
Credit: Pixabay
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Arima Genomics, Inc., the leader in 3D genomics, has announced a new partnership with Basepair to empower scientists with new options for bioinformatic analysis of 3D genomic data. The deal will make the Arima Genomics bioinformatics pipelines more accessible to bench scientists by making it available through a user-friendly interface, decreasing compute time, improving data handling and sharing, and generating easy-to-understand reports.

Through this partnership, Arima will enable their customers with an initial integration of the Arima-SV bioinformatics pipeline through a white-labeled web portal powered by the Basepair platform. This portal will allow researchers to readily upload standard sequencing files using a point and click graphical user interface (GUI) and quickly identify structural variants from their 3D genomic data. In addition to providing secure file transfer and storage, this will substantially decrease the need for customers to invest in compute and bioinformatics resources.

“This partnership brings our customers more bioinformatics options and enables those without bioinformatics support to understand their data with an easy-to-use analysis tool,” said Anthony Schmitt, PhD, SVP of Science at Arima Genomics. “Basepair will help us further democratize our 3D genomics solutions for elucidating genomic sequence and structure across a broader range of laboratories that do not always have dedicated bioinformatics capabilities.”

“Basepair offers a range of automated pipelines for next-generation sequencing analysis and looks forward to enabling Arima’s customers with faster and easier analysis of 3D genomics data,” said Amit Sinha, PhD, Founder of Basepair. “We are confident that Arima Genomics’ customers will find great value in our platform’s ability to reduce compute time and generate meaningful insights from Arima data.”