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Atelerix Strengthens Its Leadership Team

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Atelerix, a company specializing in the storage and transport of cells at room temperature, has announced that it has significantly strengthened its leadership team with two experienced industry executives, who will help lead Atelerix in implementing its strategy to provide room temperature solutions for the shipping of therapeutic cells in the fast growing cellular therapy market.

As Executive Chair, Steve Docksey, will be setting strategic direction through Atelerix’s Board, as well as having executive and operational responsibilities in working closely with Atelerix’s CEO and leadership team to guide the company's continued growth and development. Steve brings extensive experience in company leadership and therapeutics bioprocessing. He holds senior executive and advisory positions across a portfolio of companies, focused on innovative technologies for the manufacturing of advanced cell-based therapeutics.

Ed Wagena brings extensive GMP experience in the cell therapy sector and in clinical development in general, and will be responsible for leading the day to day running of Atelerix’s operations, ensuring the implementation of a state-of-the-art and accredited manufacturing and R&D facility in our Newcastle upon Tyne facility. Ed is an experienced hands-on senior executive, with more than 20 years of experience in drug development. Since 2008, Ed specialised in the development of ATMPs and orphan drugs, and has designed and managed the European and North-American regulatory strategy and development program for several innovative therapies, including late-stage (pivotal) clinical trials.

Mick McLean, CEO for Atelerix commented “We are delighted to welcome Steve and Ed to expand the experience and capabilities of the Atelerix team as we accelerate the growth and breadth of activity of the business. It is a clear signal of our intent to deliver new enabling capabilities to cell scientists and cell therapy developers and manufacturers in their mission to make these life-saving new treatments available to as many patients as possible.”