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BioCision Launches New Tools for Cell Cryopreservation

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BioCision, the coolprep™ company, has announced the release of three new cryopreservation systems: CoolCell® FTS™30, the first large-capacity, high-density cell freezing system; CoolCell SV2 for freezing cells in larger diameter 2ml vials; and CoolCell 5ml for large cryovial freezing.

All CoolCell freezing solutions deliver a controlled freezing rate of -1oC/minute in a -80oC freezer, with high reproducibility of freezing profiles and consistent cell viability and function after thawing.

The patented alloy-based technology allows maintenance-free operation and is a significant alternative to conventional freezing methods or programmable freezers.

“In many areas of biological research, the ability to freeze and thaw samples of cells is absolutely critical to successful experiments. Yet, all too often, this simple procedure is subject to considerable and unnecessary variation, as well as high cost. CoolCell FTS30 solves this problem,” said Brian Schryver, BioCision’s Vice President of Research and Development.

Schryver continued, “Selling for a fraction of the price of commercial cell cryopreservation devices and sized to fit compactly inside any -80oC freezer, this new CoolCell makes a powerful research tool available to all scientists.”

CoolCell FTS30 uses a patented alloy-based micro-convection heat removal technology to uniformly freeze 30-vial batches in a compact space. It is ideal for all cells including cell lines, stem cells, yeast, blood and other primary cells.

The durable, insulated design of the CoolCell FTS30 ensures easy and safe portability of frozen cells, insertion and removal of 30 vials at once, and lids that open easily even when frozen.

CoolCell FTS30 Features:

• Ideal for all cells including cell lines, stem cells, PBMC, primary cells and yeast
• Can be used “off the shelf” without any maintenance or pre-cooling
• Prepares samples for archive storage in four hours
• Sized to fit compactly inside any -80oC freezer
• Holds 30 screw-cap 2ml cryotubes
• An inner removable FTS vial module enables efficient freezing, transfer, and storage of vials in just one step
More CoolCell Solutions

Along with CoolCell FTS30, BioCision is introducing two additional products: (1) CoolCell SV2 for freezing larger diameter 2ml vials, such as Crystal Zenith®1 vials for freezing dendritic cells and other cells used in basic and clinical research applications; and (2) CoolCell 5ml for large-volume cryovials. Like all other CoolCell products, these two new additions are also maintenance-free, require no alcohol and deliver rate-controlled cell freezing of -1oC/minute in a -80oC freezer.

“The launch of these CoolCell products marks the beginning of a significant expansion of our cell cryopreservation product line,” said BioCision CEO Rolf Ehrhardt, MD, PhD. “We will be releasing additional sample cryopreservation products over the coming months to meet the growing demands of cell research, cell therapy, and the diagnostic market. Our goal is to continue to deliver both performance and simplicity for sample handling and cryopreservation.”

CoolCell FTS30 cell freezing system, CoolCell SV2 and CoolCel 5ml are available for pre-order now and will begin shipping July 15, 2011.