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Black Microplates for Light Sensitive Samples

Black Microplates for Light Sensitive Samples content piece image
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Porvair Sciences has expanded its range of, black microplates that aim to minimize sample degradation by exposure to light, even over long storage periods.

Available in a choice of 48-, 96- and 384-well formats – Porvair Sciences black plates are precisely manufactured to applicable ANSI / SLAS dimensions ensuring complete compatibility with almost all readers and automated equipment.   

Manufactured from polypropylene, the range of black microplates offer heat and solvent resistant qualities. Ultra-pure grade polymer was used such that each black plate has near-zero leachates, ensuring long-term sample integrity. Porvair Sciences black plates are supplied RNase / DNase free meaning they can be used to store sensitive biological samples.   

To prevent evaporation, hydration of DMSO solutions and to completely eliminate light from samples, Absorb Max light-blocking sealing films that may be applied to the top of the black plates. A split backing and edge cut-outs make positioning and applying the sealing film quick and simple.