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Cell-Free Expression Systems in Bulk

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Arbor BiosciencesTM has announced the launch of myTXTLTM bulk pack sizes.

This new offering aligns with the growing demand for larger volume requirements by organizations utilizing high-throughput screening in protein and enzyme engineering. The pack sizes and aliquots of the master mixes are ideal for cell-free expression on automated liquid handling systems.

Cell-free expression systems are currently available from Arbor Biosciences as a Sigma 70 or a linear DNA expression master mix. Both systems use E. coli as a base lysate combined with amino acids, essential elements, and a regenerative energy buffer in a complete master mix which only requires the addition of template DNA. The Sigma 70 system relies on circular or plasmid DNA while the linear system can transcribe circularized or linear DNA as a template prior to translation. Either system will be available to researchers in bulk format to pair with their high-throughput DNA template generation systems.