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Customer-Defined Knock-in Cell Lines

Custom knock-in cell lines
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Drawing upon proprietary technology - AMSBIO can deliver the high-quality cell lines you need with a single customer-defined knock-in in just 25% of the time required with conventional approaches.

Using a patented FAST-HDR plasmid vector system – AMSBIO can dramatically speed vector construction and reduce the time required to successfully isolate modified clones following transfection. Using modular plasmid backbones, in which key components are readily swappable, AMSBIO can rapidly implement customer-defined knock-in combinations. Fail-proof directional cloning of homology arms into the vector takes less than a day. Levering the power of CRISPR/Cas9 and homology-directed repair, the FAST-HDR plasmid vector system enables isolation of pure, successfully modified clones within just 2 weeks of transfection.

The efficiency of this process allows us to deliver a stable cell line with as many as three knock-ins months in as little as 30 days. Using the FAST-HDR plasmid vector system, AMSBIO can deliver a cell pool even more quickly.

For a wide range of applications including drug screening, differentiation studies and inducible expression studies, the specialists at AMSBIO can collaborate with you to develop an optimized, custom cell line to stably express your gene of interest.