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Cutting Edge Stem Cell Kits, Reagents and Services

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AMSBIO announces it will be showcasing its broad range of cutting edge stem cell kits, reagents and services at the UK Stem Cell Network Scientific Conference* being held 30 March to 1st April 2011 at the University of York, UK.

Supporting the mission of the UK Stem Cell Network to enhance the coordination of research across the sub- disciplines of stem cell science, specialists from AMSBIO will be on-hand to discuss the latest sources of stem cells and exciting new products for stem cell growth, characterization, differentiation, assays and storage.

The company will launch 6 informative Stem Cell Research guides, available as pdf or hard copy documents, covering these comprehensive product offerings supporting stem cell and regenerative medicine research applications.

Stem cells have received an unprecedented level of interest over the last decade across diverse scientific applications. Stem cells offer great potential to meet unmet medical needs in regenerative medicine and provide novel platforms in pharmaceutical drug discovery and toxicology applications. In addition, stem cells deliver critical insights into normal and disease developmental states.

AMSBIO supports all stages of stem cell research from source to storage. Regardless of the application, AMSBIO offers products to accelerate basic, translational and clinical stem cell research. AMSBIO offers embryonic stem cells, a large selection of adult stem cells, reagents to create iPS cells, optimized growth medium and supplements, extracellular matrices and feeder cells.

In addition AMSBIO offers an extensive range of stem cell lines, 2D and 3D extracellular matrices, growth medium, supplements, differentiation kits plus in vivo and in vitro angiogenesis, cell invasion and migration assays designed to measure the biological activity of stem cells.