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Cytiva Opens Cell Culture Center of Excellence in Massachusetts

Two lab workers wearing white lab coats look at cell culture media with backs turned.
Cytiva's Cell Culture Center of Excellence in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Credit: Cytiva
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Cytiva opened a new Cell Culture Center of Excellence at its Marlborough, Massachusetts location. The center is part of the company’s long term growth strategy, providing expanded cell culture media development capabilities and new cell line development services. Cytiva now provides a comprehensive approach to supporting customers working in early process development.

Amanda Halford, Vice President, BioProcess, Cytiva, says: “Our Cell Culture Center of Excellence combines our scientific expertise with the latest technology. Our tailored solutions enable customers to bring a wide range of molecules from discovery to delivery – smarter and faster.”

Developing a cell line is a critical first step in the life cycle of a therapeutic. It can involve considerable time and resources – both potentially limiting for the bioprocess industry. Collaborating with an industry expert like Cytiva to develop tailored solutions for cell culture media and cell line development can reduce customer development timelines, improve process performance, and increase speed to market.

The new 11 500 ft2 facility is close to the Boston biotech hub and the breadth of scientific talent the area has to offer. The center will be run by experienced scientific teams and staff dedicated to transforming the future of process development.