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Dovetail Genomics Introduces Novel LinkPrep™ NGS

Double helix structure of DNA.
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Dovetail Genomics announces the debut of its LinkPrep™ NGS technology, showcasing its potential for de novo detection of structural variants and chromatin topology features in cancer. Through its innovative chromatin conformation approach, LinkPrep™ technology exhibits enhanced sensitivity in detecting translocations and intra-chromosomal rearrangements compared to conventional methods, while also identifying SNVs/InDels within a single assay. Unlike traditional Hi-C methods, LinkPrep technology offers a streamlined process, generating sequenceable libraries from initial samples in a single shift. These findings are being presented at the AACR Annual Meeting, April 5-10, in San Diego, Calif.


Many clinically relevant cancer driver mutations currently go undetected by conventional methods including NGS. Chromatin conformation approaches have a unique capability that will prove to be a powerful solution to address this gap,” said Mathew Easterday, Ph.D., J.D., CEO of Cantata Bio. “Because of its high sensitivity, uniform coverage, and rapid workflow, the LinkPrep™ chemistry is the best solution for detecting these variants. This will improve the discovery and annotation of novel drivers and mechanisms of cancer. Ultimately, this can help optimize treatment decisions and inform the care and management of cancer patients.”

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LinkPrep technology captures genetic variation within the context of the 3D genome, enabling simultaneous genetic and epigenetic data analyses. As such, it offers a holistic view of genetics, epigenetics, and chromatin conformation revolutionizing our understanding of how gene regulatory networks interact during cancer progression. Furthermore, the novel technology captures chromosome-scale haplotype linkage, enabling applications such as allele-resolved copy number variation, haplotype resolution of variant co-occurrence, and karyotype reconstruction in the context of a cancer genome. LinkPrep™ technology is fully compatible with off-the-shelf or user-defined hybrid capture panels, offering improved sensitivity over whole genome approaches.


Currently undergoing late-stage validation, Dovetail Genomics is actively seeking strategic partnerships to conduct further studies demonstrating its clinical utility across specific cancer indications.