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Economic Generation of Functional siRNAs

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The Turbo Dicer siRNA Generation Kit from AMSBIO enables generation of a large number of small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) from full-length target genes.

siRNAs are 21- to 23-nucleotide RNA molecules that can cause targeted gene silencing in mammalian cells through a process known as RNA interference. In nature, siRNAs are generated by ribonuclease III cleavage of longer double stranded RNAs (dsRNAs). When dsRNAs are transfected directly into mammalian cells, they activate the interferon system and provoke non-specific gene suppression and cytotoxic response. siRNAs have proven to be effective at specifically silencing gene expression without causing any interferon response.

Using an ultra-active form of human recombinant dicer enzyme, a double-stranded RNA-specific endonuclease, it is possible using the kit to cleave more than 95% of dsRNA template into 22 bp siRNAs within 2 hours under optimized reaction conditions.

In contrast to individual synthetic siRNAs, the Turbo Dicer kit allows you to quickly produce multiple siRNA species against your target mRNA, and thereby achieve effective gene silencing with minimal guesswork. Moreover, due to the minimal concentration of any individual siRNA species generated with the Turbo Dicer Enzyme, off-target effects are not a problem.

For maximum convenience, the Turbo Dicer siRNA Generation Kit contains everything that is required for preparing double stranded RNA from your target gene(s), dsRNA cleavage, siRNA cleanup and transfection. Both the Recombinant Turbo Dicer Enzyme and the RNA Purification Columns are also available separately.