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Expedeon AG Introduces Lightning-Link Metal Labeling Kits to Support Single Cell Analysis

 Expedeon AG Introduces Lightning-Link Metal Labeling Kits to Support Single Cell Analysis content piece image
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Expedeon AG  announced it has introduced Lightning-Link® Metal Labeling Kits for use in multiple immunoassay-based applications to support single cell analysis. The new kits will enable users to dramatically enhance the phenotypic analysis of heterogeneous cell populations, providing increased multiplexing capability compared to fluorophore labelling, improving sample throughput and research output.

Metal labeling is a technique using rare metal isotopes as opposed to fluorophores for antibody labeling, distinctly increasing the available analytical spectrum. Because the metals do not produce the background noise associated with fluorophores, multiplexing capabilities are greatly increased. This technique is utilized in numerous fields such as immunology, oncology, phospho-proteomics and haematology through its associated applications, such as dissociation-enhanced lanthanide fluorescence immunoassays, multiplexed ion beam imaging, x-ray fluorescence and mass cytometry (cytometry by time-of-flight).

By using antibodies (or other probes) labeled with purified metal isotopes, mass cytometers can detect more than 50 different parameters at a single-cell level, exceeding the dimensionality of any other flow cytometry methodology currently on the market. Expedeon’s metal labeling kits require just 30 seconds hands-on time, a significant improvement from the current available methods which require hours to perform, and offer clear improvements in terms of efficiency and ease of use.

The immunoassay market is a core focus of research in biotechnology, with an estimated market value of $1.6 to $1.7 billion according to a 2017 industry survey [1]. Additionally, global investment in applications such as mass cytometry continues to increase, with Japan, China and the Americas leading the way in adoption of new technologies.

Dr Heikki Lanckriet, CEO, Expedeon AG, said: “The single cell biology market continues to be one of the fastest growing markets within biotechnology. With researchers increasingly looking to deliver more information within each assay, it is clear that higher-plex solutions will dominate the space.

We are excited to offer a solution to the limitations with regards to the breadth of reagents currently available by simplifying processes and accelerating timelines. The new Lightning-Link® Metal Labeling Kits build on Expedeon’s existing strong foothold in the immunological research market through its well-established proprietary Lightning-Link® technology, and will enable users to dramatically enhance the phenotypic analysis of heterogeneous cell populations and expedite their discovery processes.”

The first 10 metal labeling kits will be showcased by Expedeon at the CYTO 2019 conference, 22-26 June, Vancouver (booth 121): Lightning-Link® 159Tb, Lightning-Link® 141Pr, Lightning-Link® 165Ho, Lightning-Link® 169Tm, Lightning-Link® 139La, Lightning-Link® 175Lu, Lightning-Link® 151Eu, Lightning-Link® 154Sm, Lightning-Link® 144Nd and Lightning-Link® 153Eu. A further 25 kits will be available within the coming months.

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