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Hands-free and Parallel Filtration of Multiple Cell Culture Samples

Hands-free and Parallel Filtration of Multiple Cell Culture Samples content piece image
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After the introduction of the Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab V kits for harvesting mammalian cell cultures, Sartorius has announced a unit for the filtration of ≤ 50 mL samples.

The new Sartolab® RF 50 vacuum filtration units are available in two versions, one with an asymmetric 0.22 µm PES membrane for sterile filtration and another with a 0.45 µm PES membrane for clarification.

The new Sartoclear Dynamics® lab V50 kits for the filtration of ≤ 50 mL cell cultures comprises the Sartolab® RF 50 for the filtration and either 1 or 2 pouches of filter aid for the clarification. Herewith, the Sartoclear Dynamics® lab product family can now be used for samples from 15 mL up to 1 liter.

Many customers working on small volumes of 30 – 50 mL must filter multiple samples at the same time. This creates a critical pain point in handling: Each unit must be attached to a vacuum tube, then stabilized before filtration and then disconnected again before attaching the next unit to the vacuum source.

Sartorius aims to facilitate the filtration of these smaller sample volumes through the introduction of the new Sartolab® MultiStation, a stand that enables hands-free and parallel filtration of up to 6 samples.

The MultiStation, in combination with the 50 mL vacuum filtration units & the DE filter aid, can be used for processing many small samples of mammalian cell cultures. The Sartoclear Dynamics® lab V50 kits eliminate the centrifugation step and, together with the MultiStation, aim to facilitate the filtration, avoiding extra time typically consumed for connection and stabilization.