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InSphero and Hamilton Announce Collaboration To Improve the Production and Handling of Spheroids

InSphero and Hamilton Announce Collaboration To Improve the Production and Handling of Spheroids content piece image
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InSphero AG and Hamilton have announced the companies have entered into a collaboration to improve the production and handling of 3D microtissues (spheroids).

“InSphero develops microtissues using the most advanced 3D cell culture technologies to produce highly predictive, organotypic in vitro models that are ready to use in critical applications including drug discovery, efficacy and safety,” said Wolfgang Moritz, PhD, InSphero co-founder. “Through this collaboration, we will leverage Hamilton’s breakthrough MagPip™ liquid and cell handling technology to optimize the processes used to produce and manipulate these microtissues.”

With the ability to rapidly and accurately transfer liquid volumes in a sub-microliter range, the MagPip™ liquid handling system allows for precise and gentle handling of even the most delicate microtissues without harming their integrity.

“The combination of InSphero’s advanced 3D in vitro models and our MagPip™ technology on the Microlab VANTAGE ™ will allow us to explore new ways to not only produce microtissues, but potentially expand how they are used in a wide range of applications,“ said Patrick Pfenninger, Senior Product Manager, Hamilton. “We expect MagPip enable new opportunities in microtissue sorting and storage, as well as in the areas of downstream processing for drug efficacy and safety testing.”