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InSphero Signed Distribution Agreement To Facilitate Purchasing 3D In Vitro Products Within the European Union

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InSphero announced that the company is making their 3D in vitro products available to researchers in the European Union market more easily by signing a distribution agreement with Darwin Microfluidics, an innovative startup dedicated to bringing advanced microfluidic solutions to researchers worldwide.

InSphero, is well known for its 3D in vitro products, from Akura™ Plate Technology to Akura™ MPS systems. Simplified aggregation and handling of spheroids in SBS standard Akura™ Plates facilitates transfer and integration of 3D models in micro-physiological systems by automated liquid-handling systems.

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“I am looking forward to working with the scientists of Darwin Microfluidics to expand our range of applications for researchers in the microfluidics field, said Paul Clémençon, Head of Business Development of InSphero.” Combining our scalable, reliable, and automationcompatible Akura™ Plate Formats with microfluidic applications helps scientists to address current challenges in drug development.

With a passion for microfluidics, Darwin Microfluidics aims to enable research laboratories and members of the scientific community to access the best available instruments and accessories in the market.

“Darwin Microfluidics offers a deep expertise in biotechnology, microfluidics, lab-on-achip and organ-on-chip technology. We are experienced in business development of innovative products, and we are thrilled to offer InSphero’s Akura™ Plate and OoC Technology to our scientific community,” said Vincent Rocher, CEO of Darwin Microfluidics.