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Lab M Launches NutriTone™

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Lab M has launched NutriTone™, a new brand of peptones that includes a range of premium, growth-tested peptones designed to be used in mammalian cell culture for vaccine production and biotechnology.

Not only are NutriTone™ peptones for mammalian cell culture subjected to Lab M’s usual rigorous quality control procedures, uniquely each batch is assayed for cell growth in defined culture conditions. This provides extra assurance about in-use performance, supporting the development of high-yielding, cost-efficient processes.

Widely used to replace or supplement amino acids, bovine serum or foetal calf serum in mammalian cell culture, peptones may often be observed to increase product yields and reduce manufacturing costs.

With supplies of TSE-free serum increasingly difficult and expensive to source, demand for consistent, high quality peptones is growing. As natural products, peptones are inherently variable and most grades are unsuitable for mammalian cell culture. Lab M’s NutriTone™ range adds further assurance to products that already have a long pedigree in mammalian cell culture.

Lab M has close to 30 years’ experience in supplying peptones for biotechnology applications, dating back to the establishment of the International Vaccine Bank for Foot and Mouth Disease at the Institute of Animal Health in Pirbright, UK in 1985. Today, peptones from Lab M are used in both mammalian cell culture and microbial fermentation for the production of a variety of biomaterials, including antibodies and vaccines.