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Lonza Launches TheraPRO® CHO Media System to Improve Productivity and Quality in Therapeutic Protein Manufacture

Human cells.
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Lonza has launched the TheraPRO® CHO Media System, a new cell culture platform that simplifies processes and optimizes productivity and protein quality when used with GS-CHO cell lines. The launch supports pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies manufacturing therapeutic proteins to further improve product quality while streamlining time-to-market.

The versatility and efficiency of antibody therapeutics continues to transform the healthcare industry. To meet growing demand for such therapies, biopharmaceutical manufacturers must optimize protein production and shorten time-to-market. However, protein production can be challenging, and unexpected issues that arise during scale-up and production can increase costs and delay delivery to patients.

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To address these challenges, Lonza has developed the TheraPRO® CHO Media System. The chemically defined, animal-component free, two-part production system is easy to use and simplifies media preparation. It is fully scalable and is supported by technical experts with extensive experience in troubleshooting. The TheraPRO® CHO Media System delivers efficient performance, achieving high viable cell concentrations and more than 5g/L protein titer during a 15-day culture cycle. This represents more than double the protein titer that can be produced using existing solutions on the market.

Deirdre Raduns, Senior Global Product Manager, Bioscience, Lonza, commented:
“Manufacturing high-quality biologics is a complex challenge, and doing so at scale and speed is even harder. The TheraPRO® CHO Media System leverages decades of GS-CHO cell culture expertise to address these challenges — offering notable performance through a simplified, two-part production system. With this launch, we are continuing our mission to help customers bring their life-changing therapies to market, faster.”

Dr. Harsh Amin, Associate Director and Head of Protein Expression Media R&D, Bioscience, Lonza commented: “We have developed a media system that brings ease-of-use while providing high titers and product quality. As the media system is designed to be versatile, it can be used with a variety of GS Knockout CHO cell hosts, and it supports diverse clones with different metabolic profiles.”

All components of the new system are manufactured in ISO 13485 certified facilities in accordance with good manufacturing practices (GMP), ensuring full product traceability and optimum lot-to-lot consistency. TheraPRO® CHO Media System customers will receive a Drug Master File (DMF) and expert technical assistance with regulatory submissions to maximize their chances of success.