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New AutoSwap™ for DeCapper Streamlines Switch Between Tube Types

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The new AutoSwap (patent pending) enables fast and easy switching of labware-specific decapper adapters on the fly without manual intervention, allowing workflows to proceed with different types of tubes. The AutoSwap switches between any two sets of Hamilton adapters, which include options compatible with tubes from all major manufacturers, in 96- or 48-well formats. The new AutoSwap can also be used in integrated robotic workflows for walkaway automation involving multiple tube types. 

The LabElite AutoSwap is ideal for any lab dealing with sample storage, retrieval and processing, such as in biobanking, compound management or forensics settings. Automated decapping saves time and limits the risk of contamination by minimizing the amount of time a tube is open.

“Most labs are using different labware and tube types,” commented Ian Flaherty, product manager for Hamilton Storage. “This new feature eliminates the need to stop a process and make manual adjustments for different tube types, giving the customer more flexibility in their overall workflow.”

Hamilton LabElite AutoSwap.jpg