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New Range of Compact Re-circulating Chillers

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With 24 configurations available, each customer can select their required cooling capacity, voltage and pump type, enabling them to tailor a temperature control system to meet their specific application requirements. The new ThermoChill series provides a compact, economical and easy-to-use solution that is suitable for a wide range of routine applications where high-quality liquid cooling is required.
1050TFSLPG22Nov ThermoChill - small copy.gif
Thermo Scientific ThermoChill re-circulating chiller

With easy-to-use interfaces, ThermoChill chillers facilitate quick and simple operation, including high and low temperature alarms to alert users to a temperature deviation. Each unit is designed for “plug and play” operation, and the compact design enables convenient in-lab location. In addition, the fill port was designed with a large opening, and it is located at the top of the unit for easy access and filling.