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New Range Of Growth Factor Protein Surfaces From Orla

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The OrlaBoost suite of animal-free protein surfaces comprises tethered growth factors and cytokines that are immobilised on the surface of the culture medium, rather than being held in suspension.

This ensures maximum stability, maximising research and manufacturing efficiencies by eliminating the need to add expensive growth factors to the cell culture media.

Orla Proteins 2 (1280x853).jpg

Developed using the patented OrlaSurf technology, traditional limitations in the manufacture and immobilisation of proteins on surfaces have been overcome. This means the surfaces can be used in basic cell biology research and can be cost effectively scaled-up for cell manufacturing.

In this way, the specialist OrlaBoost range is designed to mimic natural interactions and provide reliable and consistent growth media for research biology, regenerative medicine, biomedical and large scale cell culture applications.

A wide range of ECM proteins and growth factors are available in the OrlaBoost range. These include several FGF’s, EGF, and SCF.

The functional mixes can also be supplied in customisable formats, mixing any Orla cell culture proteins on the same surface.

OrlaBoost surfaces are supplied as pre-coated plates individually wrapped and ready for use and other formats, including flasks, can also be provided.