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New Research Tools Catalog for Stem Cell Prep & Harvesting

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Harvard Apparatus has a complete selection of products to assist you when you need to collect and harvest stem cells:

• Identification Products: Tattoo, Clips, RFID, Hair Removal Products

• Surgical Equipment: Operating Tables & Lights, Magnifiers

• Surgical Instruments: Tools, Needles, Sutures, Catheters, Sterilization Equipment

• Life Support: Ventilation Equipment, Anesthesia Systems, Recovery Chambers

• Vital Signs Monitoring: Capnography, Homeothermic Blankets, Pulse Oximeters, Blood Pressure, EKG

• Infusion Products: Drug Infusion, Nutrient Delivery, Stem Cell Injection

• 3D Bioreactors for Tissue Engineering and Whole Organ Regeneration

This new catalog also has products for:

• Culturing & Growth - 2D & 3D Bioreactors, Pumps, Organ & Tissue Perfusion and Imaging Chambers

• Physiological Assesment & Condition Monitoring - Biopotentials, Capnography & Oxymetry, Blood Pressure & Flow, Data Acquisition & Analysis