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New Virtual Biobank from Thermo Fisher Scientific

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The new Virtual Biobank from Thermo Fisher Scientific is an interactive online tool designed to assist researchers in implementing best practices for maintaining sample integrity to ensure successful downstream research of biological specimens.

Using the Virtual Biobank, researchers can review the products and services needed to simplify and improve the management of each critical stage in the biobanking process.

The global biobank industry is growing in both size and significance, but a lack of standardization and quality control around biospecimen handling remains a challenge. Sample preparation and automation equipment, cold storage, wireless monitoring, consumables, reagents and biobanking services provide the ability to help secure and preserve samples, track inventory, and streamline productivity.

At the same time, informatics solutions offer insights and information critical to advancing lifesaving discoveries.

The Virtual Biobank incorporates these sample and inventory management solutions in a compartmentalized workflow to help researchers solve their toughest laboratory challenges. Additional materials connect researchers with resources and information needed to help them reach their next discovery. Take an interactive tour of the Virtual Biobank at: www.thermoscientific.com/virtualbiobank.

Key Applications: Biobanking and biorepository management
Collection - On average, 13 percent of samples are contaminated at the point of collection. Find the tools needed to help ensure the quality of samples and establish robust sample information gathering protocols.
Preparation - Biobanks stored almost 1.3 billion specimens in 2013. Learn about preparation techniques to help ensure sample components are ready for storage in optimal format.
Storage - By 2024, an estimated 2.18 billion samples will be stored in biobanks used for research purposes. Discover the comprehensive, sample storage solutions designed to protect samples, track inventory and provide piece of mind.
Analysis - The percentage of stem cell transplants using banked cord blood has reached 25 percent. Gain a better understanding of the informatics solutions that can foster the collaboration and sharing needed to advance research.
Transport - Biobanking research will expand by more than 7 percent per year between 2018 and 2024. Learn how to maintain stable temperatures when transporting biobank assets.