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Nikon Launches New Macro Laser Confocal Microscope

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For the first time, researchers can view large specimens in confocal mode enabling the capture of more information than ever before. Designed for
macro imaging, the AZ-C1 can not only capture fields of view of larger than 1cm, but also permits deeper confocal imaging than conventional microscopes thanks to its large working distance objectives. Whole organisms can be monitored and documented over time (for example, embryos) offering a wealth of continuous information on development or the organism’s response to experimental variables.

Observations ranging from macro imaging of a whole organism to micro imaging of a single cell can be achieved with just one lens. Up to three separate objective lenses can be attached, offering a large optical zoom range to easily achieve high magnifications using stepwise or continuous zoom mode. The addition of a motorised stage further expands imaging possibilities by allowing image capture in multiple fields of view.

Offering exceptional flexibility, the C1 confocal system is expandable from easy-to-use personal point scanning systems to spectral point scanning systems which will separate closely associated fluorophores and auto fluorescence.