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Novel Automated Cell Counter Receives Patent

Novel Automated Cell Counter Receives Patent content piece image
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DeNovix has announced that the CellDrop™ Automated Cell Counter has been granted a patent by the Japanese Patent Office.

The CellDrop Automated Cell Counter, engineered with DirectPipette™ Technology, is an image-based cell counter that eliminates the need for slides, reducing plastic waste in the laboratory and saving associated costs. It also hold a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The CellDrop Series features permanent sample surfaces that form a reusable sample chamber. This brings the simple Load, Measure and Wipe Clean functionality of microvolume spectrophotometers to cell counting, so as to gain rapid, accurate cell counts and viability measurements. All instruments feature Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet connectivity, allowing users to easily export data via email, network drives, network printers or USB drive. CellDrop cell counters are available in dual fluorescence and brightfield or brightfield only models.