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Organoid Cryopreservation Handbook

A human bronchial organoid, showing successful infectious disease model after cryopreservation in STEM CELLBANKER.
Human bronchial organoid, showing successful infectious disease model after cryopreservation in STEM CELLBANKER. Red: acetylated α-tubulin, green: SARS-CoV-2-N protein, blue: DAPI. Credit: Kazuo Takayama (CiRA, Kyoto University, Japan)
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AMSBIO has published an informative handbook for scientists who need to preserve or archive organoids in a research lab.

The handbook brings together published paper citations, quotes and data from leading international research groups who are using the CELLBANKER® range of products to cryopreserve their organoids simply and safely. In addition, the handbook includes best practice protocols plus information making it easier to understand the process of freezing organoids and to choose the optimum cryopreservation media for your application.

Proven capable of recreating aspects of organ structure and function in vivo, organoids are organ-like structures that can be prepared by 3D cell culture and differentiation of stem cells or organ progenitors. Organoids are proving increasingly popular because they maintain genetic information, are CRISPR compatible, expand tractable cell line availability, make sharing libraries easier and are proving useful in drug sensitivity assays. Consequently, use of organoid culture models is now widespread in areas including organogenesis models, drug testing, tumor / disease / infection models, toxicity screening as well as personalized & regenerative medicine.

The CELLBANKER® series of easy-to-use cell cryopreservation media offer superior protection against cell stress during freeze/thaw cycles and have been validated for cryopreservation of organoids. As a cell freezing medium, CELLBANKER® does not require a gradual temperature decrease in a programmed freezer or storage in liquid nitrogen to guarantee efficient cell storage. This makes CELLBANKER® more affordable and accessible than other cell freezing media.

STEM CELLBANKER® is a GMP-compliant, chemically defined freezing medium with formulation optimized for storage of stem and iPS cells and organoids. Supplied ready-to-use with a simple usage protocol, STEM CELLBANKER is completely free of serum and animal derived components and contains only Pharmacopoeia graded ingredients. STEM CELLBANKER significantly increases cell viability while maintaining cell pluripotency, normal karyotype and proliferation ability following resuscitation from cryopreservation, even after extended long-term storage.

To download the Organoid Cryopreservation Handbook please visit https://resources.amsbio.com/Brochure/0622%20Cryopreservation%20of%20Organoids_brochure.pdf