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Proteintech Genomics Launches First Commercially Available Solution for the Detection of Intracellular Proteins for Single-Cell RNAseq Experiments

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Proteintech Genomics, a subsidiary of Proteintech Group, inc., and a provider of multiomic solutions for single-cell and spatial analysis, announced the launch of the MultiPro™ Human Fixed Cell Immune Profiling Antibody Cocktail. This cocktail contains 53 antibodies against intracellular and cell surface proteins, plus 5 isotype controls. The cocktail is demonstrated to be compatible with the 10x Genomics® Chromium® Single Cell Gene Expression Flex product.

CEO of Proteintech Genomics, Kit Nazor, states, “We have been working diligently to provide researchers with the ability to go beyond the cell surface and finally provide them with access to intracellular proteins. By using techniques like CITE-seq, researchers have been able to generate cell surface protein data from single-cell RNAseq experiments, but intracellular proteins have been out of reach for most researchers. Our MultiPro antibodies bring intracellular proteins into reach and will help researchers continue to push the boundaries of what we can learn from single cell studies.”

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Peter Smibert, VP of Biology at 10x Genomics, said, “In my pre-10x days, my lab developed CITE-seq to measure surface proteins with single cell transcriptomes. While several groups have subsequently obtained believable signal from intracellular proteins coupled with single cell gene expression, the resulting data was suboptimal. Proteintech Genomics’ MultiPro Immune Profiling Cocktail together with 10x’s Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Flex assay is a game changer, unlocking protein detection throughout the whole cell – surface, cytoplasm and nucleus – and delivered with the high-quality gene expression data we expect from Flex.”