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Reagents for Transfecting Human Embryonic Stem Cells

Reagents for Transfecting Human Embryonic Stem Cells content piece image
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AMSBIO reports on how it has worked with Singapore General Hospital (Singapore) to help them identify a suitable reagent to transfect their human embryonic stems cells.

Historically the research group of Prof Tan Eng-King had used GeneIN, a transfection reagent specifically developed for stem cells which is now no longer available. Working with AMSBIO, Singapore General Hospital switched to GenePORTER® 2 to transfect their human embryonic stem cells. Senior researcher - Dr Christine Chan Hui Shan commented “Human embryonic stem cells are notoriously difficult-to-transfect primary cells. GenePORTER 2 enabled us to deliver our target genes into hESCs with an improved efficiency, compared to some other commercially available transfection reagents."

GenePORTER® 2 transfection reagent is a proprietary lipid formulation designed to provide high transfection efficiencies in a broad range of mammalian cells. GenePORTER® 2 is designed to be effective in difficult-to-transfect cells, such as PC-12, macrophages, and primary cells. Developed using a high-throughput transfection assay that screens a large library of cationic lipids, the GenePORTER® 2 reagent was selected based on high transfection efficiency, low cytotoxicity, and exceptional stability. Additionally, because of its minimized interaction with serum components, the GenePORTER® 2 transfection reagent can be used for transfection in serum containing media.