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Revvity and Sciex Collaborate To Provide Innovative Neonatal Mass Spectrometry Solution

A mass spectrometer.
Credit: Bas van Breukelen / Unsplash.
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 Revvity, Inc. announces a value-added distribution agreement with SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies. This strategic agreement is aimed at advancing mass spectrometry solutions in Revvity's newborn screening products and the anticipated solution combines Revvity’s expertise and resources with SCIEX’s innovative mass spectrometry solutions. With this agreement, Revvity hopes to further help laboratories identify newborn babies with a range of rare disorders, from lysosomal storage disorders to amino acid disorders.

HOW: Mass spectrometry is a fundamental tool in expanded newborn screening and has seen remarkable growth over the years. Revvity will combine SCIEX mass spectrometers with Revvity’s NeoBase™ 2 and NeoLSD™ reagents to support this growth even further by enhancing the robustness and precision of mass spectrometry analyses for newborn screening.

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WHY: Expanded newborn screening techniques such as mass spectrometry are fundamental in discovering babies with rare, but treatable conditions, such as lysosomal storage conditions, as early as possible. Currently, over 40 conditions can be screened for using mass spectrometry, and this collaboration hopes to advance the precision and robustness of this screening.

“Revvity is committed to advancing newborn screening and helping give babies a better start in life,” said Petra Furu, general manager, reproductive health, Revvity. “This capability will help provide our customers with the best options for their expanded screening programs by combining precise instrumentation with groundbreaking reagents.”

MORE: Revvity is exhibiting at the 2023 APHL/ISNS Newborn Screening Symposium (booth #200) taking place October 15-19, 2023, in Sacramento, California. To learn more about Revvity’s range of solutions for newborn screening, visit this webpage.