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Sigma Introduces Stemline™ Neural Stem Cell Expansion Medium

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Sigma, a division of Sigma-Aldrich has introduced Stemline™ Neural Stem Cell Expansion Medium, a serum-free stem cell medium optimized for expansion of human neural stem cells.

In an ongoing collaboration led by Clive Svendsen of the University of Wisconsin's Waisman Center in Madison, Wisconsin, Stemline Neural Stem Cell Expansion Medium has been developed for neurosphere as well as monolayer NSC expansion.

"We're very excited about the introduction of this new member of the Stemline media platform," said Lisa Masterson, Cell Culture Product Manager at Sigma-Aldrich.

"Our previous efforts have focused primarily on hematopoietic and bone marrow-derived stem cell expansion."

"Stemline Neural Stem Cell Expansion Medium is the first that will specifically support research in the area of neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)."

"It has shown very promising results in animal models, and we look forward to this medium playing a role in future advancements in this extremely important area of research."

The formulation was designed to be entirely animal component-free as well as complete and ready to use, requiring only supplementation with the desired growth factor cocktail (not included).

The elimination of serum reduces performance variability and removes safety risks associated with possible adventitious agents in serum.