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Simplified Biobank Workflows and Sample Tracking

Simplified Biobank Workflows and Sample Tracking content piece image
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A new package is available from Ziath, designed for smaller biobanks and biorepositories, containing the components requires to start up and maintain enhanced sample integrity, tracking and audit trail.

The ‘BB package’ combines 2D coded sample storage tubes, a 2D barcoded tube scanner and a semi-automated tube selector to simplify picking individual tubes.

Also included with this package is Ziath’s sample management software which allows the organization of sample inventories, which can be of use in setting up a biobank or biorepository. This software can generate "picking lists" of tubes that you require for further work which can be sent directly to the Mohawk tube selector.

The Mirage 2D barcoded tube scanner can identify all the tubes in a rack and the Mohawk software will then flag any that should be picked. Once all the required tubes are assembled in a "daughter" rack, Mohawk and Mirage can together verify them and update their new locations in the sample management software. The sample management software also allows the creation of external locations, so that sample location is easily known.