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Space Saving Sample Tubes for Low Temperature Storage

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The 0.5ml V-Bottom Cryotube from Micronic Europe enables Automated Biobanking and Cryobanking facilities to securely store low volume samples at temperatures below minus 80°C.

The internal V-shape of the 0.5ml Cryotube provides the lowest possible dead volume and maximum recovery of scarce samples. In addition the short profile of the 0.5ml Cryotube enables automated storage facilities to use up to 50% less space compared to storage in traditional tube designs.

To further optimize use of valuable storage space - 96 individual 0.5ml Cryotube can be stored in an automation compatible Micronic rack.

Manufactured in solvent resistant polypropylene to industry leading strict tolerances, the precision and tube-to-tube consistency of Micronic storage products maximizes the operational uptime when used with automated cherry picking and handling systems.

Using an automation compatible screw capping system - the Micronic 0.5ml Cryotube guarantees the highest sample integrity even for samples stored over extended periods of time. To provide complete sample traceability each Micronic 0.5ml Cryotube is laser encrypted with a unique 2D code identity that will not wear or fall off.

Produced in a modern class 7 clean room production facility - Micronic 0.5ml V-Bottom Cryotubes are certified RNase / DNase free and non-toxic, according to the USP class VI test, making them the ideal secure medium for storage of liquid or solid biological samples.

Dedicated to the design and production of innovative sample storage solutions over the last 25 years, Micronic is uniquely able to offer laboratories the expert advice to help them safeguard one of its most valuable assets - its samples.

Micronic is a leading global supplier of secure sample storage solutions to Biobanking and Cryobanking facilities.