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Telesis Bio Announces First Commercial Shipment of BioXp® NGS Library Prep Kit

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 Telesis Bio Inc., announced the first commercial shipment of its BioXp® NGS Library Prep kit for Plasmid Sequencing. This NGS Library Prep kit enables on-demand and automated library preparation of plasmid DNA for use in next-generation sequencing applications.

Leveraging this new automation capability of the BioXp® platform is expected to enable researchers in high-throughput discovery workflows to reduce hands-on time, cost, and steps of NGS Library Preparation, both accelerating their time to answer and reducing barriers to access to Next-Generation Sequencing.

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“This kit represents a major milestone in the evolution of the BioXp® System as it now provides customers with a complete solution in many synthetic biology and genomics workflows. Throughout 2023 we plan to continue to expand capabilities for NGS Library Preparation as well as for DNA and mRNA synthesis beginning from the customer’s sequence, linear DNA, or plasmid DNA. We believe that this transformation of the BioXp platform to an automated molecular biology workstation, will empower researchers with an integrated workflow solution to streamline synthetic biology and multiomic applications throughout discovery. Thus, creating efficiencies in and accelerating their overall discovery process,” said Todd R. Nelson, Ph.D., CEO and Founder of Telesis Bio.

“In our work manufacturing plasmid DNA for vaccine, gene therapy, or other R&D applications, it is critical to confirm the quality of our end product through DNA sequencing, but the commonly employed sample preparation methods are time consuming and labor intensive. We are pleased to be an Early Access partner with Telesis Bio as we believe their vision for the BioXp platform can help further accelerate and streamline our workflow,” said Santhosh Kallivalappil, Co-founder & Executive Director R&D of Novel Biotechnologies Inc.