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The Automation Partnership Introduces a System for Automatically Creating Freezer Ready Cell Stocks

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The Automation Partnership (TAP) has announced, Fill-It™, a new system for automatically creating freezer ready cell stocks is on show at Booth 437, LabAutomation 2008.

TAP’s Fill-It system, consists of an uncapping/recapping module fully integrated to a dispensing unit controlled by a simple user interface. The system can automatically unscrew lids from 96 or 24 cryovials; fill each vial with cell stock and then recap the tube in two minutes. This is a fraction of the time it would take a scientist to perform these labor intensive tasks.

The company says, also because Fill-It’s pump uses sterile disposable tubing and it’s recapping module has a built-in method of preventing the wrong lid going back on to a vial, the system eliminates many potential sources of contamination, ensuring frozen cell stocks are of the highest quality.

Fill-It can process common cryovials and tubes from suppliers including Nunc, Micronic, Matrix, Corning and Greiner. The system uses SBS standard 24 and 96-way rack formats compatible with most commercial liquid handlers and is compact enough to fit in any laboratory or microbiological safety cabinets to maintain aseptic conditions for dispensing both mammalian and microbial cell suspensions. This makes Fill-It an ideal tool for creating freezer ready vials for use as high quality cell libraries and high throughput screening reagents, as well as GMP production cell banks, the company claims.