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Thermo Fisher Partners With FCS Express Software for Cytometer System

Thermo Fisher Partners With FCS Express Software for Cytometer System content piece image
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Thermo Fisher is now offering its FCS Express software capability with its Invitrogen Attune NxT Acoustic Flow Cytometer System. The Attune NxT Acoustic Focusing Cytometer can already acquire data at rates 10x faster than traditional flow cytometers, allowing it to generate large, high parameter data sets. By partnering with FCS Express Software, users of the system will be able to easily compare results across samples, access advanced tools and simply produce publication quality graphics at the time of instrument implementation.

FCS express software can be easily integrated into the lab as FCS express uses a similar interface to Attune NxT. The pairing of instrument and software offers the customer one complete workflow from sample to final result. With the purchase of a new instrument, Thermo Fisher Scientific will offer a 1 year renewable license to all non-commercial Attune NxT customers at no charge. Existing Attune NxT customers will be able to purchase a 1 year license from Thermo Fisher Scientific 

  • Efficient – up to 10X faster than traditional flow cytometric analyzers
  • Flexible – up to 14 colors; up to 6 channels off the violet laser
  • Transformative – run difficult samples with a system that is less sensitive to clogging
  • Rapid – raw data to publication quality results in a few clicks