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Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Accessories for Improved Production-scale Cell Culture

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., has introduced new accessories for its Thermo Scientific Nunc EasyFill Cell Factory.

The new accessories include a filling tubing set that connects a Nunc™ EasyFill™ Cell Factory directly to a media bag or other tube set; a universal adapter cap that can be used with one-half inch ID tubing or as a traditional Cell Factory port; quarter-inch and three-eighths inch barbed caps for the development of custom tubing sets; and filter assembly caps that expand the air vent capability during fluid transfer(s).

Each ready-to-use accessory is gamma radiated and individually packaged to save users time and money by eliminating cleaning and sterility validations. These accessories promote enhanced aseptic handling, improved air venting and customizable tubing set solutions.

The versatile Nunc EasyFill Cell Factories feature both a traditional and large port, enabling users to fill via pouring, gravity or peristaltic pumping. With the same growth kinetics as laboratory-scale cell culture solutions, the EasyFill Cell Factory boosts production efficiency with more surface area in a compact footprint.

One 10-layer EasyFill Cell Factory can replace 36 T175 flasks, saving time and eliminating contamination risks associated with multiple interactions.

The new accessories ensure that the EasyFill Cell Factory remains one of the most versatile multi-layered cell culture solutions on the market.