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Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Fully Integrated IntelliStack Incubator and CO2 Incubator Shakers for Precise Control Over Culture Samples

Thermo Scientific™ IntelliStack™ Incubator.
Credit: Thermo Scientific.
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Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces the Thermo Scientific™ IntelliStack™ Incubator and CO2 Incubator Shakers to help provide accurate, adjustable and reproducible growth conditions for mammalian, bacterial and yeast cultures. The easy-to-use fully integrated shaking solution features an intuitive touchscreen display, large 5-liter capacity and precise control over conditions that improve efficiency and ensure sample security.

Biotechnology, biopharmaceutical and academic industries are increasingly in need of CO2-gassing incubator shakers to support emerging automated cell therapy production processes. The IntelliStack Incubator and CO2 Incubator Shakers consist of stackable systems that can be arranged in various combinations and work with various vessel types so the systems can be easily implemented and updated in labs as demands evolve. The solution can work with up to three CO2, non-CO2, 25mm orbit, and 50mm orbit Shakers, helping researchers more precisely control the sample environment.

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“CO2 incubators that maintain accurate growth conditions and combat contamination of cultures are vital to labs across the life sciences industry. The demand for this type of innovation is increasing across academic, biotech and biopharma segments globally,” said Thomas Doerdelmann, vice president and general manager, Growth, Protection and Separation at Thermo Fisher. “We are excited to help solve our customers’ pain points and provide an easy-to-use, reliable and customizable solution so they can continue their groundbreaking research.” 

Key Applications:

  • Biotechnology companies
  • Biopharmaceutical companies
  • Academic labs


Intuitive, modern display for simplified use: The IntelliStack Incubator and CO2 Incubator Shakers feature a high-quality, 10-inch color touchscreen user interface to help improve user experience.

Increased control over conditions for enhanced sample security: Control over revolutions per minute, time, temperature, CO2 gas and humidity helps ensure conditions are accurate and reproducible. Easy to clean surfaces reduce the risk of contamination.

Large capacity for samples: Capacity of up to 5 liters helps laboratories meet processing volume demands. Customizable arrangement of systems allows labs to easily adjust total solution volume based on workflow requirements as needs evolve.

Easy-to-use design: Solution is easily programmable and includes data logs, alert controls as well as an access port which allow for smooth setup and operation, helping to increase efficiency.

Efficient and quiet operation: Reliable motor and quiet operation help reduce the noise associated with CO2 gassing shakers.