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Thermo Scientific Cryogenic Freezers Safely Deliver Ultra-low and Uniform Temperatures for Ultimate Sample Protection

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., offers a range of Thermo Scientific cryogenic freezers. Operating at uniform and stable cryogenic temperatures of -140°C and -150°C, these freezers offer a safer and more convenient method for the long-term storage of biological materials.

At such low temperatures, metabolic activity is not known to occur, greatly increasing cell viability. As such, these freezers fulfill the requirements of many laboratories, including those of clinical research, life sciences and pharmaceutical organizations.

Using advanced mechanical refrigeration technology, the freezers offer important advantages over units that rely on liquid nitrogen as a cooling medium. There is greater temperature uniformity throughout the freezer and the interior storage space is maximized, enabling a capacity of up to 21,600 samples.

Furthermore, all samples are maintained below the critical temperature of -130°C.

Thermo Scientific cryogenic freezers feature a patented, single compressor, orbital refrigeration system with an exclusive, HFC/CFC-free, mixed refrigerant.

This provides a reduced operational cost when compared with liquid nitrogen alternatives. The superior evaporator design also increases the effectiveness of the refrigerant flow as well as the removal of heat from the cabinet.