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US Launch of TAP’s New Dispensing System

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TAP’s experts will be on stand to explain how the new Fill-It 48 way system has been developed to meet scientists’ need to dispense up to 5ml in an aseptic environment into Nunc's pre-loaded 48 way racks of 2D barcoded 2.0 and 5.0 ml vials. The benefit of automatically filling larger volumes of potentially hazardous biological materials is that researchers can increase their production of cell line libraries and cell banks without compromising sample integrity or their safety.

The new Fill-it 48-way system is compact enough to fit in a standard laboratory tissue culture cabinet or its own specially-designed mobile class II biological safety cabinet. Fill-It’s safety cabinet can be automatically moved up and down to suit each researcher’s height. The system can also be easily manoeuvred for use in contract applications where different cell lines have to be dispensed in separate laboratories.  It has been designed with external vents so that the Fill-It 48-way system and cabinet can be easily sterilised using hydrogen peroxide, thus providing a safer alternative to formaldehyde decontamination.

Stephen Guy, Fill-It Product Manager at TAP commented: "Our Fill-It technology is used by the world’s leading cell providers for cell banking and cell line development, and their feedback is that they often need to safely dispense 2 and 5 ml volumes. This is why we are delighted to introduce the new Fill-It 48-way system at LabAutomation to showcase the rapid and consistent, as well as safe filling of larger volume cryovials.”