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Waters ACQUITY QDa II Mass Detector Delivers Wider Range of Chemical Analysis Within Cost-Effective, Lower Energy Instrument

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Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT) today announced the release of the ACQUITY QDa II Mass Detector, the evolution of its highly successful, compact, and streamlined mass detection instrument that delivers high-quality, mass spectral data to chromatographic separations. This new and improved mass detector allows scientists to analyze a wider range of chemical entities with a robust, cost-effective, low energy consumption solution. It enhances and complements Waters best-in-class ACQUITY Premier Liquid Chromatography (LC) separations portfolio to enable flexible analysis of both small and large molecules across pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and materials applications.

"Since we launched the first-generation ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector on Empower Chromatography Data System in 2013, it has become an essential tool for chromatographers looking to accelerate the development of higher quality methods for product development and impurity analysis," said James Hallam, Vice President for Research, Development, and Advanced Testing, Waters Corporation. "As we designed the ACQUITY QDa II Mass Detector, we extended the capabilities of the new system to address the expansion of new molecular entities, such as monoclonal antibodies and glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) agonist."

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The ACQUITY QDa II Mass Detector is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing laboratory workflows with the usability and format of a LC detector. It delivers a 20% enhancement in mass range in a simple, small footprint LC-MS instrument designed to seamlessly integrate into highly regulated laboratory settings, ensuring compliance with ease.

"We simply cannot afford any time lag in results as even a short delay in getting the right analysis can mean a finished product might not be able to be released for the needs of a patient population," said Mariusz Kurowski, Analytical and API Expert, Polpharma, Poland's largest pharmaceutical manufacturer. "Mass spec is a sophisticated technique, but we have seen the incredible ease-of-use with the ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector; we see this instrument as the future for us."

To enable scientists to deploy mass detection closer to the point of need, the ACQUITY QDa II Mass Detector also delivers improvements in repeatability and offers up to a 70% reduction in energy consumption and heat output compared to similar instruments. These efficiency and energy consumption improvements have earned the ACQUITY QDa II Mass Detector the ACT Label from the independent, nonprofit My Green Lab. The recognition is given to laboratory equipment that meets or exceeds the sustainability requirements of environmentally conscious laboratories.

The ACQUITY QDa II Mass Detector is designed for compliance-ready deployment on Waters Empower™ Chromatography Data System (CDS) Software. It enables streamlined integration of mass measurements into chromatographic methods, making it accessible to analytical scientists who do not have expertise in mass spectrometry. It is designed to complement and work with the best-in-class Waters ACQUITY Premier Liquid Chromatography (LC) portfolio and is now available to order online globally.