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Web Video Highlights Energy Savings with SANYO’s New Water-cooling System for ULT Freezers

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A three-minute video available on the SANYO website highlights an important new development available for all of the company’s ULT freezers. An innovative water-cooling system offers significant advantages, including energy savings and increased sample security.

As the SANYO video graphically illustrates, a significant amount of heat is produced by a ULT freezer.

Now, the introduction of targeted removal of heat from the condenser using circulating water means that much less heat is released into the air. So, a smaller air-conditioning unit will keep the freezer room at the ideal temperature of 20ºC.

In addition, as water-cooling is so efficient at removing heat from the condenser, this reduces the power requirement of the freezer itself.

The resulting overall reduction in energy costs means that the water-cooling system pays for itself in just a few years, and further energy savings are gained if the heat generated in the condenser is not regarded as waste.

The warmed water may be transported to where heat is needed and used, for example, to heat water for hand-washing or other areas of the building.

Another compelling advantage of the new system is that a water-cooled SANYO freezer has a 30 per cent faster recovery time after door opening compared with a freezer with an air-cooled condenser, so that samples are better protected.

And should the freezer room aircon unit fail, as less heat is expelled into the air by a water-cooled freezer, samples are kept at a safe temperature for longer.

Customers viewing the web video will see that the new water-cooling system is a small change with big consequences. A new water-cooled SANYO ULT freezer will deliver the best overall performance, and ensure even better sample security.