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WITec’s RISE Microscope Wins Prestigious Prism Award 2015

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WITec and Tescan have been recognized with a 2015 Photonics Prism Award. An expert jury named the correlative RISE microscope as winner in the metrology category.

The Prism Award is given for top innovations in the field of photonics, granted by Photonics Media and sponsored by the international Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE.).

RISE Microscopy is a novel correlative microscopy technique that combines confocal Raman Imaging and Scanning Electron (RISE) Microscopy within one integrated microscope system.

This unique combination enables the most comprehensive sample characterization: electron microscopy is an excellent technique for visualizing sample surface structures in the nanometer range; confocal Raman imaging is an established spectroscopic method used for the detection of the chemical and molecular components of a sample.

It can also generate 2D- and 3D-images and depth profiles to visualize the distribution of the molecular compounds within a sample. The RISE Microscope enables for the first time the acquisition of SEM and Raman images from the same sample area and the correlation of ultra-structural and chemical information with one microscope system.

“The RISE Microscope is another striking example of WITec’s enormous innovative strength. We are proud to once again receive a Prism Award, the second after being recognized in 2011 for WITec’s TrueSurface microscopy technology”, says Dr. Olaf Hollricher, WITec Managing Director R&D.

“The success of the RISE Microscope is clear evidence of the competence of our R&D team but also of our ability to grow working contacts with prominent research institutions as well as with leading innovative companies. The innovative strength of the TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING is an important driving force of our outstanding business success”, says Ing. Jaroslav Klíma, CEO at TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING, a.s.

The microscope’s development was a joint effort of WITec and TESCAN within the UNIVSem project, funded by the EU. It provides all functions and features of a stand-alone SEM and a confocal Raman microscope.

Both SEM and Raman are high-resolution imaging techniques with sub-nanometer and diffraction-limited 200-300 nanometer resolution, respectively.

In Raman imaging mode the sample can be scanned through a range of 250 µm x 250 µm x 250 µm. RISE Microscopy pairs ease-of-use with exceptional analyzing benefits and is therefore suited to a large variety of applications such as nanotechnology, materials sciences, geology and life sciences.