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Xylem’s YSI Biochemistry Analyzer Is Effective Tool For Cell Culture And Cancer Research

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Xylem’s YSI brand will be exhibiting in booth 3417/3517 at Pittcon 2015, March 9-12, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Specifically for oncology drug development applications, the YSI 2950 biochemistry analyzer is used to measure analytes such as glucose, glutamine, glutamate, lactate, providing a simple, automated analysis of bioprocess cell culture samples, with accurate results in less than a minute.

A recent paper published in Nature illustrated how pancreatic cancer researchers are using the YSI 2950 for measuring and monitoring glucose and lactate in tumor cell culture samples. The results of this analysis contributed to the important finding that the surviving dormant tumor cells have a decreased reliance on glycolysis for cellular energy and a stronger reliance on mitochondrial respiration. This makes the cells sensitive to oxidative phosphorylation inhibitors, which leads to possible treatment to prevent tumor recurrence.