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Achieve Robust, Consistent Organoid Cultures With R&D Systems Proteins

Achieve Robust, Consistent Organoid Cultures With R&D Systems Proteins

Organoids and 3-D cell culture are emerging as powerful new platforms for modeling diseases, screening for drug toxicity, and investigating personalized medicine, but identifying ideal, reproducible conditions for culturing organoids can be difficult.

Optimize your organoid cultures with R&D Systems™ growth factors. Our proteins are rigorously tested to ensure high levels of bioactivity and lot-to-lot consistency, so you can have confidence in their ability to consistently generate high quality organoids with minimal variability in your cultures from one experiment to the next.

Product Specifications
High Levels of Biological Activity Biological activity of every protein we offer is tested in an appropriate bioassay to confirm that it meets our strict QC activity parameters.
High Purity Typically over 95% pure
Low Endotoxin Levels Guaranteed industry-leading endotoxin level of <0.1 EU/ug by the LAL method
Lot-to-Lot Consistency Minimal lot-to-lot variability is ensured by testing each new lot side-by-side with previous lots and with a master lot
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