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CellCelector Flex – High-Throughput Image-Based Single-Cell Cloning

CellCelector Flex – High-Throughput Image-Based Single-Cell Cloning

High-throughput nanowell-based image-verified cloning technology (HT-NIC) is a new method allowing the fast generation of clonal pharmaceutical production cell lines. Clones are generated in just one cloning round while providing robust in-process image-verified monoclonality proof.

Due to this integrated monoclonality and viability assessment of clones, as well as industry-leading outgrowth rates after clone transfer into 96- or 384-well plates, the CellCelector Flex single cell cloning technology represents the next generation of single cell cloning approaches. It goes far beyond the traditional methods and provides a superior alternative to limiting dilution (LD), fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS), or single cell  printing techniques. This patent-pending method has been developed and validated in collaboration with ProBioGen AG and other CellCelector Flex customers.

Product Specifications
High cell integrity & outgrowth rates Up to 95% viability in single cell cloning
Recovery speed 20-30 seconds per single cell or 20 individual cells in less than 10 minutes
Versatile Adherent cells, cells in suspension or in semi-solid medium, single cells, clusters, spheroids or colonies, primary cells or cell lines, living or fixed cells
Sample processing with physiological conditions The additional option of the CellCelector Flow Box enables the unique combination of a laminar flow cell culture hood and CO2 incubator allowing users to keep cells in stable environmental conditions during experiments and provides optimal results and reproducibility
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