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ExCellerate™ iPSC Expansion Medium

ExCellerate™ iPSC Expansion Medium

ExCellerate iPSC Expansion Medium is specifically formulated for the in vitro, feeder-free expansion of human pluripotent stem cells, including embryonic stem (ES) and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. The formulation is complete and contains the growth factors required to support iPSC expansion and maintenance in a single, ready-to-use format. This simplifies stem cell culture workflows and provides a reproducible cell culture environment to ensure consistent performance.

No materials of animal or human origin are used in the production of this medium or its components. Elimination of animal-derived components reduces variability and improves lot-to-lot consistency for reliable generation of high quality, homogenous, and undifferentiated cells needed for any stage of research. Animal component-free traceability of raw materials reduces risk and makes it ideal for translational research. An animal-free, GMP grade version is in development to support a seamless transition into clinical applications.

The composition of ExCellerate iPSC Expansion Medium is optimized to support the robust expansion of pluripotent stem cells, while maintaining cell viability, genotype and differentiation potential for extended times in vitro.

This medium is compatible with various cell culture matrices, including Cultrex Ultimatrix, Cultrex ReadyBME and Recombinant Human Vitronectin, and cell lines, making it versatile for use in research, preclinical, and translational stem cell culture workflows.

Key Benefits:

  • Ready-to-use: Complete all-in-one formulation, no growth factor supplementation required
  • Animal component-free: Ideal for translational research
  • Robust: Superior expansion and maintenance of undifferentiated iPSCs
  • Consistent: Reproducible results
  • Flexible: Compatible with a variety of matrices and cell lines
  • Stable: Maintains cell viability, genotype and differentiation potential over long-term culture

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