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Platinum® Next-Generation Protein Sequencer™

Platinum® Next-Generation Protein Sequencer™

Unleash the power of proteomics in your lab. The first-of-its-kind Platinum benchtop solution conveniently brings protein sequencing to every lab, everywhere with a simple workflow, small footprint, and single-molecule resolution that enables interrogation of protein variants and modifications for deeper proteomic insights. 

Uncover what is there, not just what could be there, and how it relates to biological phenotypes. Our end-to-end solution integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow and includes everything you need to prepare libraries, sequence proteins, and analyze results.

Our simple workflow requires less than three hours of hands-on time and includes automated, cloud-based analysis software to deliver proteoform information without the need for bioinformatics expertise,  added turnaround time, or extensive infrastructure. With Platinum, protein sequencing is:

- Convenient—the benchtop instrument and collaboration-friendly cloud-based analysis software easily fit into everyone’s lab and research projects.
- Accessible—Simple workflows with < 3 hours of hands-on time and collaboration-friendly data analysis software delivers more proteoform information than immunoassays, and without the bioinformatics expertise or extensive infrastructure needed for mass spectrometry
- Insight-generating—single amino acid variations and modifications can be detected directly by sequencing without the need to acquire or generate highly specific affinity reagents directed against these variants and modifications.

Product Specifications
Convenient, easy-to-use benchtop solution Sequence proteins and obtain critical proteomic insights quickly and efficiently from the convenience of your lab, with no expertise or infrastructure required.
Deeper proteomic insights Unbiased, single-molecule resolution enables deeper discovery of proteins of interest. Interrogate proteoforms, post-translational modifications (PTMs), and low-abundance proteins in complex mixtures and correlate them with biological function.
Accessible, user friendly workflow and interface Simple workflow requires less than three hours of hands-on time. Does not require bioinformatics expertise to run and analyze samples resulting in less time interpreting data and more time focusing on new discoveries.
Collaboration-friendly cloud-based analysis software Access data from anywhere and collaborate with colleagues for an in-depth review of results. Automated, cloud-based proteomics data analysis software delivers proteoform information without the need for bioinformatics expertise or extensive infrastructure.
End-to-end solution Platinum platform includes everything you need to prepare, sequence, and analyze proteins with seamless integration into your existing workflow to enable deeper insights and new biological discoveries. In just a few simple steps. Platinum makes single-molecule protein sequencing possible for every lab, everywhere.
About Quantum-Si
Inspired by his success at shrinking next-generation sequencing technology into a benchtop instrument at Ion Torrent, Jonathan Rothberg founded Quantum-Si in 2013 to bring the same semiconductor technology to protein sequencing. Quantum-Si are on a mission to put the groundbreaking power of protein sequencing in the hands of every scientist – every lab, everywhere.
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