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TrueLive3D Imager Light-Sheet Microscope

TrueLive3D Imager Light-Sheet Microscope

Optimized for fast 3D multi-sample volume imaging of delicate live specimen in their native 3D environment, the TruLive3D Imager is especially suited for multi-position imaging of small embryos (e.g., mouse), 3D spheroids, organoids, oocytes and more, enabling time-lapse, high-throughput imaging experiments. The optical concept, with dual-sided illumination and single-lens detection from below, enables fast acquisition speed, high-resolution imaging and minimal shadowing effects.

The TruLive3D Imager's compact, robust and vibration-free design provides maximal stability even during long-term and high-throughput experiments. Tailored to fit your lab bench, this class 1 laser system does not require any air table or vibration-compensation mechanism as all moving components are light weight and balanced. Maximal stability of focus and thermal conditions are also guaranteed. The proprietary piezo-crawler stages ensure longevity and precision for a permanently accurate specimen positioning. Neither the images nor the quality of your sample is affected thanks to the unique and very gentle image-acquisition concept.

The TruLive3D Imager can achieve a resolution down to 255 nm in xy, enabling resolving subcellular structures in living samples free of phototoxic effects.

The system features dual-sided illumination and single-lens detection from below, enabling fast acquisition speed, high-resolution imaging, and minimal shadowing effects. A wide-field imaging option facilitates sample positioning.

Two Nikon CFI Plan Fluor 10x W 0.3 NA water immersion objective lenses project the light-sheet on the sample. Detection includes a high numerical aperture Nikon CFI Apo 25x W 1.1 NA water immersion objective lens. An additional magnification changer results in 31.3x and 62.5x total magnification for field view and sampling adjustment according to your experimental needs.

The TruLive3D Imager is equipped with environmental control. Temperature can be adjusted between 20–37°C for optimal incubation conditions.

In addition, the TruLive3D Imager also provides precise and stable environmental control (i.e. CO2, O2, N2, and humidity). Gas-concentration for the different components ranges between 0–15 % for CO2, 1–21 % for O2, and 20–99 % for H2O (humidity). The gas humidifier offers feedback control for precise regulation.

The TruLive3D Imager is optimized for fast 3D multi-sample imaging of delicate live specimen in their native 3D environment.

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