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Visium Spatial Gene Expression: Map Transcriptomes Within Tissue Context

Visium Spatial Gene Expression: Map Transcriptomes Within Tissue Context

Visium Spatial Gene Expression is a next-generation molecular profiling solution for classifying tissue based on total mRNA. Map the whole transcriptome with morphological context in FFPE or fresh frozen tissues to discover novel insights into normal development, disease pathology, and clinical translational research.

The relationship between cells and their relative locations within tissue is critical to understanding normal development and disease pathology. Spatial transcriptomics is a groundbreaking molecular profiling method that allows scientists to measure all the gene activity in a tissue sample and map where the activity is occurring. Already, this technology is leading to new discoveries that are proving instrumental in helping scientists gain a better understanding of biological processes and disease.

Fuel your spatial discoveries with spatial capture technology which powers the Visium Spatial platform through the use of spatially barcoded mRNA-binding oligonucleotides. There are two methods for how mRNA molecules get a spatial barcode.

In fresh frozen tissues, the tissue is fixed and permeabilized to release RNA which binds to adjacent capture probes, allowing for the capture of gene expression information. cDNA is then synthesized from captured RNA and sequencing libraries prepared.

In FFPE tissues, the tissue is permeabilized to release ligated probe pairs that bind to adjacent capture probes on the slide, allowing for the capture of gene expression information. Pairs of probes specific to each gene in the protein-coding transcriptome are hybridized to their gene target and then ligated to one another. The probe pairs are extended to incorporate complements of the spatial barcodes and sequencing libraries prepared.

Product Specifications
High cellular resolution 1–10 cell resolution (on average per spot depending on tissue type)
Tissue compatibilty FFPE or Fresh Frozen
Capture area size 6.5 x 6.5 mm
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