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Sphere Fluidics’ platforms are built on over a decade of scientific and engineering research and development. Originally spun out from the University of Cambridge, they specialize in single-cell analysis and isolation platforms – helping you to find your really important cells.

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Accelerating Single-Cell Analysis and Screening with the Power of Picodroplets

In this Teach Me in 10 video, we'll explore the acceleration of single-cell analysis and screening within the drug discovery process.
A row of pipettes filled with red liquid

High-Throughput Screening: Advances, Applications and Combined Approaches

In this article, we highlight various high-throughput screening strategies being used to interrogate large libraries of compounds and hear from researchers working to further streamline specific approaches to increase speed and improve quality and accuracy.

Cyto-Mine®: Single Cell Analysis and Monoclonality Assurance System

Cyto-Mine® can simplify and accelerate your day-to-day operations in cell line development, antibody discovery, and beyond. It’s powered by our picodroplet technology to screen and analyze millions of individual cells and isolate those rare ‘hits’ with monoclonality assured. And all in a single, integrated platform with minimal ‘hands-on’ time.
Screen Single Cells in Their Own Microenvironment
App Note / Case Study

Screen Single Cells in Their Own Microenvironment

This app note highlights a uniquely protective environment to support cell viability and integrity during incubation and shield cells against shear stress during subsequent analysis.

Sphere Fluidics webinar

Accelerating Cell Line Development From Transfection to Manufacturing

Generating a highly expressing, regulatory compliant clonal cell line is key when developing a biopharmaceutical. Yet cell line development is labor-intensive, time consuming and costly.

The production of a high-quality and productive cell line requires both an expression system which yields high expressing clones and a workflow which allows selection of the highest producing clones.

In this webinar, you’ll discover how combining a single-cell analysis platform with a novel glutamine synthetase-Chinese hamster ovary (GS-CHO) expression system can yield highly productive, scalable, clonal cell lines for developing biopharmaceuticals.
Product News

Sphere Fluidics’ Cyto-Mine System Selected by FairJourney Biologics To Advance Cell Line Development Workflows

Investment to expand cell line development capabilities and accelerate customer workflows, as part of its diverse and tailored antibody solutions.
Sphere Fluidics’ Cyto-Mine
Product News

Sphere Fluidics Expands Cyto-Mine Capabilities To Meet cGMP Requirements for Drug Manufacture Workflows

Sphere Fluidics has announced updates to its flagship platform, Cyto-Mine®, enabling it to be compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the US FDA.
A microscope and a computer screen.
Product News

Sphere Fluidics’ Pico-Mine platform chosen by Biosyntia to accelerate synthetic biology and metabolic workflows

Sphere Fluidics announced Biosyntia, a biotechnology company focused on synthetic biology and metabolic engineering, has adopted the Pico-Mine® platform within its workflows.
Sphere Fluidics news website.
Product News

Sphere Fluidics Updates Brand Identity To Align With Ambitious, Global Commercial Growth Strategy

Sphere Fluidics announced the introduction of new branding to align with its ambitious global commercial growth strategy.
The Sphere Fluidics and 3DSecret logos.
Product News

Sphere Fluidics Begins Work With Partners on 3DSecret Program To Investigate Mechanisms of Metastasis in Cancer

Sphere Fluidics, a company developing single-cell analysis systems underpinned by its patented picodroplet technology, has announced its involvement in 3DSecret.